Old Woolam Custom Bottling llc

Custom Mobile Bottling for the Wine Industry
Servicing the Midwest

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Old Woolam Custom Bottling was founded by Brent Baker, a long-time wine lover and friend of the Missouri Wine Industry. Brent noticed a need for quality bottling in the Midwest wine business, and after a great deal of research of the mobile bottling models in the US and abroad he has created his vision of accessible bottling for wineries of all sizes here in the heartland.

We are very proud to be able to give wineries access to the latest in bottling technologies here in the mid-west!!

Our Motto "Helping Wineries Grow, One Quality Bottling at a Time"


Our Advantages

-Pre Fill Bottle Rinsing

-Pre and Post Sparging

-9 Spout Rotating Filler

-Vacuum Corking

-Stelvin Screw Capping

-Application of Shrink or Spin-on Capsules

-Self Adhesive Label Application

-1200 + Bottles Per Hr/600 + Cases per Day